Business Advisory Services

Our Services

MLG Associates is able to provide a full range of advisory services to support small and medium sized businesses. Whether the need is financial, strategic or both, MLG Associates is able to assist businesses and their owners to achieve their short or long term goals. We offer:
  • Assistance with the sale or purchase of businesses
  • Bank and Asset Based Lending Reviews to assess the viability of your business
  • Funding solutions to assist you in finding and securing the right form of funding for your business
  • Independent Business Reviews providing financial and strategic analysis of your business to identify future prospects and requirements
  • Business planning to help you create a bespoke business plan or review and improve your existing one to become a robust and effective tool for growth

Keeping Your Business Healthy

In the current economic climate, the businesses that survive will be those that have a handle on where they are, where they are going and are able to react to changing circumstances.

The following series of articles give guidance on 7 key areas that will help your business thrive in our challenging market place:

Recognise the warning signs

Have a robust and clear business plan

Manage the risks

Manage the cashflow

Identify and fix the operational difficulties

Control the finances and business costs

Monitor progress and make changes if necessary